mardi 19 novembre 2013

en cours

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  2. Do you permanently sleep?
    Why does depression exist?
    Is it the pressure end? How to recover life pressure? How to grow?
    I feel pleasure to look at people suffering outside the window, mocking them, in a stolen? appartment...

    I ask to deserve peace and happiness. I don't have your email so I contact you this way. Only happiness and peace in my world. Thomas.

  3. "They told me to take a street-car named Desire, and then transfer to one called Cemeteries and ride six blocks and get off at — Elysian Fields!"

    Cendrillon copied 94938359th edition, what a smoking horrible woman !

  4. Only be constantly more clever than your highest intelligence.

  5. Any animal I contacted anyway on Earth, including human beings, was immediately the most sincerely smiling, conscious, and peaceful he can. Pauline mission signed.

  6. Money comes loyally if needed for peace and conscience raising making.

  7. What do you need to live and love here thomas?

    to teach u english

    to stop u saying like all whores: don’t u have better to do? if i do this, Me, it is ok for the rest of my life!

    to fuck you deep one day

    to fondle you perfect ass this day

    to kiss me with your tongue

    to love you

    to see your garde-teub

    to bother you saying to you you cannot cut tabacco plants

    to make you water only drink

    to make this globlog higher then void

    to be able to depose my hands both sides

    and to make u answer my messages politely

    seduction is for adults babies only

    see u when mature

  8. and to make u out of the too automatic easy irrespectful mocking condescendance

    see u when polite

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  12. to open your mind :

    to make you real not in school on pictures

    to thank you for the uneaten cake

    to teach u luck and kind men to meet and respect

    not to be false being in love

    to think to others while typing

    to make u Art when u overcome Michel-Ange and only then

    it is like bullshit for any gifted person

  13. En quoi, TOI, avec, TA, vitesse, tu peux te rater, sinon ptet face à des gros lents ou des grosses lentes? Paix, tunes, dons, luxes, hommes, écrits, sexes, séductions, relativités, compassions, gratuités... ?

  14. do better first